Soccer Rules

Simplified Soccer Rules for Youth Coaches

Soccer rules can be confusing - we have solved that problem by simplifying them. The official soccer rules are long, poorly organized, and don't define some commonly used terms such as obstruction and hand ball. We have read over 400 pages of soccer rules and explanations of rules, and we spent a lot of time reorganizing the rules and explaining them in simple terms so you can EASILY understand them.

We have simplified the official soccer rules by breaking them into easy-to-understand parts and have linked them to over 400 definitions. You can click a link to fouls, cards, offside, penalty kicks, throw ins, goal kicks, hand ball, corner kicks, free kicks, direct kicks, indirect kicks, kick offs, stoppage time, impeding, fair charging, worrying the goalkeeper, touch line, and any other term you want to read about, and the terms are interlinked for your convenience. It is simpler and saves a lot of time. There are over 400 definitions.

The official soccer rules are usually modified by youth leagues - Keep in mind that most youth leagues modify the official soccer rules so soccer is more fun for young kids. For example, field sizes and the number of players on the field vary greatly by age group and by league. Typically, younger ages play on a smaller field and have fewer players on the field at the same time. Other typical variations include the way substitutions are handled, offside rules, how balls are put into play after re-starts (at young ages some leagues use the "New Ball Method" where there aren't throw-ins, goal kicks or corner kicks), and the length of quarters or halves. You will definitely want to get a copy of your league's rules.

The links below will take you to easy-to-understand soccer rules. There is also a link below to the typical soccer age rules that explains how to know if a player is U4, U6, U8, U10, U12, etc. Most leagues in the US adhere to the same rules for determining "soccer ages".

70 Youth Soccer Rules

Soccer Rules - Soccer fouls

Soccer Rules - Soccer cards

Soccer age rules (soccer age 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 Adult and U4, U6, U8, U10, U12 soccer)

There are detailed explanations of all the soccer rules and regulations on SoccerHelp, including the variations for youth leagues, women's leagues and indoor leagues. There are hundreds of internal links so you can go from one topic to another. This makes it easy to find the rules you are looking for and to answer your questions. The rules are simplified and explained in an easy to understand way.

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